Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Arcade Fire Early Demos

Raaar.... I just got up, can't really be bothered to do anything today apart from listen to these:

Having seen this band twice so far (which is definitely not enough) I was delighted last night to find this link with all the old Arcade Fire demos, there is something about bands with accordions that I like. 

I'm just looking out my window, normally there are some massive tower blocks right near my house but its that foggy that I can't see them. I think I'll just stay in and listen to 'Winter for a Year'.


Monday, 19 January 2009

Captain Dangerous Album as One File

Hi guys. Sorry I have been away from my computer all weekend as I have been visiting family in London. I had a few messages about posting the Captain Dangerous album as one file to save messing around. You can now get it by clicking on the following link:

The file is compressed as zip file. To uncompress (view all files) use either WinZip or WinRar
Most operating systems can open the file just by double clicking on it once downloaded.

On another note; I just opened this week's NME and saw an advert for Beirut (one of my favourite bands - if you haven't heard of them click here) they are pla
ying at The Forum in London on May 8th... just checked seetickets... SOLD OUT!!! ARGHH... and on Ebay tickets are going for £150. Thats really really not fair. I hope they do some more dates. If you have any tickets you want to sell for slig
hty less than £150, let me know.



Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Captain Dangerous Album

The first time I saw Captain Dangerous was at Splendour Festival with Lightspeed Champion. Both were amazing. I recently saw Dangerous again at Rock City in Nottingham for their album launch gig. A belter! I got one of the limited edition preview albums before its even released. Thought I'd share it:

Captain Dangerous - The House That Jack Hayter Built (Click song name to download)

For more info, check the bands site: http://www.captaindangerous.com 




Just trying to see if this works... 

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